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Michael Morgan started his wine career in 1974 working for a Central London wine wholesaler specializing in selling the top wines from France and Italy. In 1979 he cleared out his garage, made his first purchase and set about building his own wine wholesaler selling into the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering businesses in and around London. By the end of the 90s, Michael Morgan Ltd was one of the leading wine distributors selling some of the finest wines into the HORECA trade.    


After an approach in 2000 Michael sold his business and started to concentrate on selling to the Private collector offering the experience and contacts that he had created over the past 25 years.  


Services include cellar refurbishment, advice on best drinking dates, values and ensuring the cellar is giving the maximum enjoyment to the Owner. Additionally, he advises on wine investment and currently manages investment accounts for private collectors.


As a separate investment, he is also a shareholder in Le Colombier Restaurant London SW3 – a highly successful French Brasserie in Chelsea.


Michael Morgan, Founder 



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